mercredi 25 juin 2014



Explore the wide and wonderful world of Dragon Quest VIII on Android! First episode of the series entirely in 3D, the title has sold over 4.9 million copies worldwide. This new portable version has been reworked to shine in new splendor.
Yangus, the repentant bandit with a tender heart, Jessica, the magician from a good family and Angelo, the casual knight, no more waiting for you to go on an adventure.
This application contains the game Dragon Quest VIII in its entirety, with the endgame post items you will not need to buy premium content thereafter.

There was once a kingdom in which lived a dark character named Dhoulmagus. This being Machiavellian broke the seal that held prisoner legendary scepter, releasing at the same time a terrible curse that made him stop the flow of time throughout the kingdom.
It could no longer rely on a young soldier to restore the order of things ...
- Optimized gameplay
Getting started is fast and comfortable and intuitive operation, ideal for use on a touchscreen. The location of the buttons can be changed at any time during your travels, allowing you to play two hands as a single. You can even finish a fight with a single command using the strategies that you have previously defined!
- An almost palpable tension
Use the "Voltage" in a battle to raise the pressure and be even more powerful in the next round. The higher the voltage rise, the more you stronger. Who knows, you may even reach the state of "hyper high voltage!"
- Skill points
Distribute skill points acquired in a gain level a character to your liking for different magics and skills and thus shape the ideal character.
- Your team of monsters
Recruit monsters that cross your path to form a team that will fight in the arena monsters.
- The alchemy pot
Make merge objects in the alchemy pot to get more powerful items. You never run out of inspiration through the recipes you find worldwide.
- Casino
The casino is of course present in this album. You might spend many hours playing Bingo, Slots, Roulette or, but do not forget your quest so far!

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